5 Sureshot Ways to Avoid Algorithm Penalty from Google

It is quite frustrating issue of sudden traffic drop for bloggers and internet marketers. It mostly happens when search engine giant Google  roll out their algorithm update. It is like a worst nightmare for all of us if we lose our blog traffic and income too. What is important for bloggers than traffic and income?

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Recently, Google rolled out Panda 4.0 algorithm update. Google made some significant changes in their existing Panda algorithm. Many bloggers experienced increase in Search traffic and unfortunately, some experienced loss in traffic. Ebay, was one of the biggest loser in this update. They lost their 80% of their organic traffic. Although  it was a manual penalty as Google said, but they received it and lost their traffic and ranking.

Luckily, those who faced algorithm penalty can get out of this worst nightmare. Yes! It is possible to avoid or recover from algorithmic updates and get back traffic and income too. Here, I am going to share some tips using which, you can avoid the Google algorithm penalty.

Google is on mission to serve quality content to their users. Google ensures that when user inputs query and click ‘search’, he should get accurate content which informative and valuable. Google’s algorithm decides what to show the users from the index of billions of webpages. It also, penalizes span content which doesn’t serve quality to others.

If anyone tries to cheat Google algorithm by using unethical ranking techniques such as link spam, buying links, building links with help of  black hat software, spun and Spammy content, etc. Google can catch them and take them down in search results.

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Don’t worry, getting algorithm penalty doesn’t wipe of your entire site from Google search results, but it only devalues the low quality content which doesn’t serve any quality and knowledge.

Some tips with the help of which you can avoid  Google Algorithm Penalty.

1. Avoid low quality content:-

Google’s web-spam team is always on the hunt of low quality and spammy sites and devalues them. The only way to avoid so called Google Penalty is by writing high quality content which serves some value and knowledge to users.

What is the valuable content? A valuable content is minimum of 1000 words or more. In this 1000 words, you can serve some valuable information to your readers. Remember, you must write for your readers, not for search engines. Your readers are human not bots like Google Bot. Also, Google Bot loves the content which created for humans.

 2. Avoid duplicate content :-

Avoiding duplicate content is the first lesson you learn in this blogosphere. Why? Because it is the worst mistake you make. Duplicate content leads you towards penalty from search engines. It is most harmful thing which you shouldn’t do. If you have copied content from other famous blogs, go and remove it as soon as possible. Search engine crawlers can find that if you copied content or not if yes from where you copied it. So, try not to post copied content on your blog.

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3. Avoid keyword stuffing:-

Keywords are important indicators to tell search engine crawlers about the topic of our content. You need to add the keyword(s) in your post to get ranked for them. But, overdoing it can lead you to keyword stuffing and you can get tight slap from Google. Doing keyword stuffing in your content rings red alert at Google. Try not to exceed the keyword density limit. Keep it between 2% – 3% of total length of your post.

4. Unnatural Backlinks Profile :-

Backlinks are still important to get ranked well in Google search and other search engines. Dofollow Backlinks from high PR sites  related to your niche flows the trust towards to your site. Getting backlinks from the sites not in your niche or totally unrelated from the topic you are writing about are harmful in terms of SEO. Specially, links from Adult and Gambling sites, spam blogs, spammy article directories will have negative impact on your search ranking.

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Do a regular audit of your link profile so that you’ll know who links you, The link is of quality or just a Spam one. If the link you found is spammy one then immediately E-mail the webmaster and tell him to remove that harmful link. If after regular follow ups,  Webmaster didn’t remove your link, then go to Google Disavow Tool and Remove that Spammy Links.

Also, try not to use spammy blackhat SEO techniques to get ranked instantly. BlackHat SEO is against Google Webmaster guidelines so it is more harmful than spammy backlinks.

5. Not Being Active in Social Media :-

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ helps you lot to get traffic to your blog. Google is now focusing on social media metrics of certain blog or blog post to rank it. It is not officially confirmed but according to the case studies done by the experts in blogging industry, it is clear that the posts which having higher number of Social shares, likes, tweets, pins, etc. are getting better ranking on Google.

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This factor is not so necessary, but it can improve your search ranking and help you to get constant traffic even if you got affected by Google Algorithm Update. If you have Low Facebook Page likes, GO, Increase your Facebook page likes. If you have Low number of Twitter Followers, Go, Increase the Twitter Followers. Also, Try to be active on them and join more and more social platforms.

So, I’ll end my piece of advice here. By learning what Google wants and following their guidelines, You can Definitely survive from Google’s Algorithm Penalty.If I have missed any important tip with the help of which we can tackle Google Algorithm penalty then please add more value to this post by share your views on the comment section below.

  • Dave Lucas says:

    Talk about schemes!
    Google is also on a mission to shepherd user searches!
    Ask not “What does Google expect from you?”
    Ask “What do YOU expect from Google?”
    Too bad Google doesn’t practice what Google preaches!

    • Swaraj Nandedkar says:

      Hey Dave,

      You are right! Google is focusing more on user oriented searches. Google is giving weightage to LSI keywords more after Hummingbird Update.

      Thanks for your comment here.
      Keep visiting!

  • Naryan Gopal says:

    I read your Post, its Nice but Google is behaving weird like it always keep saying Content is King and you write Quality content for readers only which should be helpful and the post must not be keyword rich and not posted for SEO.

    I keep Writing Good Content and for an Experimental basis I never did any SEO, Link building but I found drop in traffic, less PA, DA but other blogs where I did basic SEO its response was nice so you tell what to do and what not to do?

    All those are doing Blackhat techniques and Buying Links from different blogs for Linkbuilding is surviving but those who don’t do SEO, Link building and Just Focusing on Content never getting Success.

    From your Article I guess u have Good Knowledge in SEO, so can you please reply to my Comment?

    I will wait for your reply.

  • Swaraj Nandedkar says:

    Hello Naryan Gopal,

    Google behaves like weird sometimes but not all the times. Content is the king for Google and will be. To rank a particular page, Google considers 200+ factors. You said you are not making any backlinks to your blog, that’s why your blog is of Low PA, DA. PA and DA are nowadays becoming as important as PageRank and Backlinks.

    Those blogs who are doing BlackHat SEO, will get penalized soon. Google has record of every backlink you have, your content, etc. But, if you do Blackhat SEO Slowly, you can go higher for short time. After manual analysis, Google will remove that crappy blog. SEO is a game of Content, backlinks and many more factors. If you bypass the rules of this game, you’ll be kicked out of Game soon.

    I am not a SEO expert, but i will suggest you to start building backlinks to your blog, keep writing great content and be patient. You’ll definitely see steady increase in your Ranking.

    Thanks for your great comment. Keep coming here. Still have any doubt, Comment here. Thanks again.

    Have a Nice Day ahead!

    • Naryan Gopal says:

      Thanks Swaraj for your Quick reply. I have few blogs like 2-3 So I was testing its but yes healthy Link Building is also necessary. Just got your Site link from your comment… I’ll definitely follow it and I am your New follower, your posts are 100% worth to read and useful.
      Thanks Again.
      TC 🙂

  • Rezan Ferdous says:

    Thanks for sharing all these information ..

  • Hi Swaraj ,

    Awesome Post Buddy, With Penguin 3.0 coming soon, clearing link profile is very very important otherwise many will go in the sandbox.

  • I am now battling Local SEO. I lost a great deal of back links because the sites are no longer in business. Tremendous numbers of internet businesses have failed.


  • err.. Nice Article Thanks. It Helps me really a lot since im a beginner 🙂

  • Haris George says:

    Hi Swaraj, You have missed one point. Anchor text linking. A large amount of anchor text linking from your keyword can harm your site with penguin algorithm. So Dont use same keyword for anchor text. Use different including naked URL.
    I have a question. If our competitor is trying us to get penalty for our site by doing all thins you mentioned in this blog how can we prevent that?

  • Rahul Verma says:

    “Not Being Active in Social Media” is this important for getting ranked on search engine.

  • Shoaib Akram says:

    Thank you,

    Its most great think and today i know the secrete of search engine. I create lots of blogger site for get own site backlinks but today i understand thats way rong. because low quality backlinks.
    Thank for explaining great thing.

  • sanghamitra chowdhury says:

    Thanks for this article..The key points are very useful.I did not know about the removal way of wrong back links.Thanks for the info

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