Basic Web Design Tips That Add Flare To Your WebSite

Creating a website can be a very daunting task. There are a lot of web design elements that you should take into consideration. You need to take into account the general color scheme, layout, graphics, content, and many others. Thus, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed.

As this might be the case, there are a few web design tips that you should never ignore to improve the performance of your site. Nowadays, web design is not merely about beautiful layout, but it is about the usability of your website. Thus, web design should be centered on the user’s experience.

Here are some Basic Web Design Tips that will add flare to your website.

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1. Easy to navigate

The more complicated a web design, the more people will think on how to use your website. The user should be able to figure out how to move from one page to another without thinking too much. A website with poor navigation system such as unsystematic and inconsistent placement of links could scare people away. You need to remember that not all your web users are tech savvy. Therefore, you need to allow a margin for beginners.

2. Your page should load fast

Let’s face it: people are really impatient and if you are going to make them wait, they will immediately hit the “x” button faster than what you expected. The problem with complex web design is that it can dramatically affect the speed of your loading time. Therefore, you need to make your page as lean as possible. Decrease the file size of your images, videos, and other content. Moreover, it will be great if you do not add videos or flash content on your home page. This will greatly affect the loading speed of your website. Take every opportunity to decrease file size for faster loading time.

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3. Eliminate unnecessary content

Eliminating unnecessary content will not only make your web to load faster, but it can help in lessening the distraction in your website. If you think that content is no longer needed, discard it. The simpler your web design, the better. So much clutters and stuff in the background may distract and confuse people.

4. Highlight important content

While it is true that you should keep web design simple, you must put extra effort into highlighting certain content. You need to lead people into clicking a link and therefore, promoting your services or product. The use of images and videos is more effective in capturing people’s attention. People will become more engaged if you add these elements.

5. Go traditional

Over the past years, there is a web design layout which most Internet users are familiar with. It is difficult to go against traditional layout as this will make people to re-learn how to use your website. But instead, you should place the elements of your website in places where people are already used to.

These are the 5 basic web design tips that will boost the power of your web design. Remember these tips and you will surely make your website more productive and successful.

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  • Karrie Morton says:

    Hey Gautam, please call the attention of Deepak Singh if you want your comment be edited. He’s the owner of this website. I only contribute on this website through a guest post. Thank you for your comment, though. Have a good day everyone!

  • Nwosu Desmond says:

    Neat design with uncluttered sidebars showing clearly the content area and outstanding navigation can make your site stand out. Then the loading speed is something every site owner should ensure to get right, because apart from page speed the other points listed here may not really affect your SERP directly but site speed does.
    Your design may not look so awesome but your content can get your visitors to return always but it is always frustrating when your site speed is so slow, its annoying and if i visit such a site i won’t hesitate to hit the close button no matter the quality of its contents.

    • Karrie Morton says:

      You’ve got a point Nwosu. I would certainly do the same thing if I’m on that situation. Page loading speed is really important. However, I still got some forum websites that are very important to me. No matter how slow the site, I still consider it due to the content and information that I got from it. Probably there would be an exception. My post is just a tip though.

  • Kushal Jain says:

    Neat post. But I wanted some more on ‘Above The Fold’ content. I have lately realized that it is actually the most important factor.. 🙂

    • Karrie Morton says:

      I look forward to create more useful content about this topic. Thank you for your comment Kushal. Have a niceday! 🙂

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    • Karrie Morton says:

      I’m happy to know your feedback regarding my article topic. have a good day Nitin!

  • Hi Karrie
    excellent points to improve your site and thus reader’s experience. I also find that adding a HTML Site Map to your blog (different from XMLsitemaps we submit to Google and other search engines) not only helps the reader to navigate through your site but it also helps the search engine navigate through the blog more easily. A easy way to do it is to add Simple Sitemaps wp plugin to your site. It does it for you and it is a free plugin. Then place the Site Map tab in the nav bar or the footer bar.


  • Really nice informative post. I am currently working on improving my blog for the readers and these tips are quite helpful.
    Thanks, Going to bookmark this site 🙂

  • Kenny Barcus says:

    Hello,I agree, web design should be simple, attractive, definitely it should be easy to navigate. Very informative post, thanks for sharing.

  • Sunitha dass says:

    Very informative tips for web designers! As a beginner I found your tips to be more useful and worth implementing! Thanks for the wonderful post.

  • Catherine Marshall says:

    There’s many reasons why a site would take long to load. One of them has to do with the host. It’s important to choose a good host and also make sure the coding is good and there’s little to no flash images/videos. Thanks for sharing!

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