Best SEO Tools Of 2013

2013 has been marked as the year of innovations and upgrades in the history of the SEO world. From the major search engine giant, Google to other giants like Raven & Majestic, all launched upgrades to make SEO a better place.

Along with these updates, there are many new additions to this segment in this year, which might compete with giants on a large scale in the future. SEO companies that offer high quality Link Building Services need to be aware of new tools invented and launched in the market to make their results better by using the tools with better efficiency.

Many SEO tools have been launched in the year 2013, out of which a few with considerable features are listed below with a brief introduction for each.

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Best SEO Tools Of 2013

  • SEO Spider: SEO Spider is the latest SEO tool from Screaming Frog, which is a site crawler designed to provide more efficiency for the user. This tool contains some strong algorithms for filtering content and resourcefully reports all the issues related to the accessibility and visibility of the website. Other than these reports, it also filters most of the minute level issues related to the website and is accompanied with a wonderful tool to generate a site map.
  • Keyword Planner: Keyword Planner is a new SEO tool that has been launched by Google as a replacement for the Adwords keyword tool. This new tool is more advanced and efficient than its predecessors and covers all the SEO needs that were not fulfilled by the previous tool as well.

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  • Deep Crawl: DeepCrawl is a new tool added to the premium category of SEO tools available for online marketing professionals. Being a premium tool, using it is more costly as compared to various free tools available. Since, this tool will cost you more than all the free tools available, but it provides a good value for money. It is a crawler that can be used to crawl on an entire website of enterprise level, which might go up to a million in number.
  • Searchmetrics: This is another tool added to the SEO library of tools and offers a simple, easy and fast analysis of search volumes to fulfill all your SEO needs. It provides easy to understand analysis reports for the users of this tool.
  • Fresh Web Explorer: MOZ has launched this new SEO tool, fresh web explorer, to provide an effective solution for social metrics and monitoring needs. This tool is capable of comparing keyword mentions in a month’s time, fetch it and merge it with data available in your set of tools. This tool is capable of discovering even those mentions, to which links were available in the past, but are not linked currently.
  • Ahrefs: This tool is capable for monitoring, analysis and reporting of link data. It performs its functions at a fast speed and offers an efficient detection of lost and new links to your website. The API of this tool is also very powerful.
  • LinkRisk: Like Ahrefs, this tool is also used for link analysis. With this tool, you can remove poor links and build better links for a better website accessibility.

So, this was the  list of  Top  SEO Tools which were  launched in the world this year.

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  1. Hi DeePak.

    You listed some useful SEO tools here.
    I have not heard some of them, I surely will try them out.

    Thanks for sharing with klinkk community! 🙂

    • Thanks for your valueable comment Erik. I do hope to see you here again.
      BTW I dont know why you are saying thanks to me for sharing post in Klinkk,instead I should thank you for giving me opportunity to share my blog posts in Klinkk :)!!

  2. Great share, mate! I wonder why the Majestic SEO & Opensite explorer not reviewed in 2013’s best SEO tools . Majestic and Opensite explorer have pretty range of features that are similar to Ahref.

  3. Awesome Share Budy! 😉

    You have posted very Popular Tools for SEO, It’s really useful for Successful Blogger, I didn’t know about these Tools before seeing your Post, Now I’ve seen it, I’ll Try these for my Success. I hope it will give me a great Result1

    Thank you Mr Deepak !

  4. Hey DeePak,
    Thank you for this awesome list, but i believe the most important SEO tool ever is Google’s “link disavowal tool” that is in theory, if it works as advertised,
    i tried using it a couple of times myself but it didn’t work, or it didn’t work yet, not sure.
    if there are anyone out there who can make up a tool like that or point us to a similar tool it would be great!
    Many thanks and Best Wishes!

  5. Cool list. I feel, that you should also check out Although the software is a quite new kid on the bloc, it really is worth the attention.

  6. Excellent post! There are lots of SEO Tools are available in market like google anlytic tools, Keyword planner tool,SEO spider, deep crawl, google adward tools. the is website is used to check Backlinks of our websites. there are lots of informative content in this post. Thanks for sharing this information.Search engine optimization

  7. Great share, mate! I wonder why the Majestic SEO & Opensite explorer not reviewed in 2013’s best SEO tools . Majestic and Opensite explorer have pretty range of features that are similar to Ahref.


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