CitiBank India Gifted Me Iphone5s In Diwali

Diwali as it is, is one of the most happening times of the year. Add to it, the launch of new iDevices, and for me the occasion checks in as spirited times of the year. These are the days when waking up at 6AM in the morning need not be aided by the usual coffee. The presence of everyone near and dear around, including the thought of the crazy activities that I’ll indulge in with my cousins is a kick strong enough to get me up. Then, there is also the thought of Sachin bidding adieu to cricket that gives me the shivers even out in the sun. What all this means is that basically, I’m high!

However, CitiBank had other ideas. On the occasion of Diwali Citibank India organized #HappierDiwali contest on Twitter and other social networking websites. They believed that they could make my Diwali Happier. All that was needed on my part was to tell CitiBank, “What is my unique, big, thoughtful gift to my loved ones for a Happier Diwali?”

Gifting my loved ones the collection of their beautiful smiles of a #HappierDiwali captured by the great camera of the iPhone 5S”, was just one of the million ways to wish my family a Happier Diwali.For answering this simple yet touchy question, CitiBank gifted me a brand new iPhone 5S!  Yes You Heard It Right IPHONE 5S 😀 !!

You can check some of my tweets about #HappierDiwali:

I was overjoyed at this news. At such an auspicious moment, an iPhone 5S simply elated the spirited festival and the occasion simply became one of the happiest times of my life.

A Diwali that I’ll always remember, marked by the perfect gift for Diwali! I speak for myself and I admit that this Diwali was a HappierDiwali for me and my family. Thank You CitiBank for making this possible.

In the end I would also like to congratulate  other two winners Bhavya Doshi and Hrish Dhempe Thota . You can see the announcement of the winners on CitiBank website and twitter handle.

I would also like to extend a warm thank  you to the  #HappierDiwali Contest Judges (Harsh Aggarwal, Bharat Nagpal, Praval Singh And Meera Sapra), without their expertise and generosity, the contest would not have run so smoothly.


 I feel honored. Thanks again CitiBank India !! #HappierDiwali

13 thoughts on “CitiBank India Gifted Me Iphone5s In Diwali”

  1. Congratulations DeePak!
    I can feel your happiness winning this contest!
    An iPhone 5S is a fantastic device.
    It’s time for me to update my iPhone 4 to a newer one. 😉

  2. You’ve got a good gift for yourself DeePak. iPhone 5S is one of my favorite phones. Congratulations! It’s a great privilege to win a contest.

  3. Congrats Deepak. Nice to hear this news that you won the iPhone 5S on this Diwali. I would also try to update my BlackBerry to iPhone 5S.

  4. Hi Deepak
    Very happy for you that you received an iphone. Very lucky you. Winning an apple iphone 5 is any ones dream. Btw one of my friend has won an iphone at bidding website Bidstall.


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