How to check who is stealing your blog content

How to check who is stealing your blog content

Content Scraping/Plagiarism is becoming a major problem for Bloggers nowadays and It is very frustrating for a webmaster to see that someone is stealing your content without permission, monetizing it, outranking you in SERPs, and stealing your audience.

In this article, I will cover how you can check who is stealing your blog content and get Back Links from content thieves using a script from Tynt.

What is Tynt CopyPaste Script ?


Tynt CopyPaste is a free service tool used to get back link from your copied post and thus avoids plagiarism/content scraping.When users copy and paste your website content into emails,blogs,facebook,twitter and o ther social sites , Tynt CopyPaste script automatically inserts the page URL, creating organic backlinks that improve search rankings

Benefits Of Tynt CopyPaste Script :

1.Improve SEO rankings

2.Drive incremental traffic

3.Actionable editorial insights

4.Get credit for your content

How to use Tynt CopyPaste Script ?

Just go to and click ‘Get the code’ button on top of the page and fill up that simple form and click submit.Copy the code that you get immediately after signup.

Installation Of Tint Script In WordPress:

1.Log in to your WordPress admin area ,e.g.

2.Click on Appearance in the left side bar.

3.Click on Editor in the list that appears below Appearance.

4.Click on Header in the list of Templates listed on the right side.

5.Locate the closing head tag </head> in the displayed header.php file.

6.Add the java script snippet right before the closing head tag.

<!-- BEGIN Tynt Script -->
<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
if(document.location.protocol=='http:'){ var Tynt=Tynt||[];Tynt.push('dq8tB-XeSr4RJhacwqm_6l'); (function(){var s=document.createElement('script');s.async="async";s.type="text/javascript";s.src='';var h=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];h.parentNode.insertBefore(s,h);})(); }
// ]]></script>
<!-- END Tynt Script -->

7.Click Update File.

8.Test the script on your website.

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  1. Good one bro. Copying content is a big headache for the site owners. I’m not very sure as to how these tools work or how good it is… b’coz I have seen in the worst case.. my hand written contents where being shown as copied (1 or 2 of 100 articles) .. so, i believe these tools will look into some keywords.. so, sometimes.. in the rare cases.. its still not that accurate.


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