Cons of Using Keyword Planner for Keyword Research

Keyword Planner Alternatives,keyword planner disadvantages, google keyword planner, google keyword, keyword tool, keyword researchFrom the past few years, Google seems to be making moves to bring down the obsession of internet marketers with Search Engine Optimization.

Why do I think so?

A series of updates by Google like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, and ‘not providing’ organic keyword data in analytics has led me to this conclusion. Organic keyword data helps SEO planners optimize their campaign by in reviewing keywords that have helped generate greater traffic. But highly SEO optimized sites now find themselves being pushed to later pages under Google.

Also, a few months ago, Google finally bid goodbye to its popular flagship tool for keyword research – Google Keyword tool and replaced it with a new tool called Keyword Planner.

On Digi Shovel, I had reviewed how The Google keyword planner was better than the Google Keyword Tool but further research on keyword planner has brought some serious concerns to the fore.

Cons of Keyword Planner Tool

  1. Confusing user interface – The user interface of Keyword Planner is pretty much more confusing as compared to the Keyword Tool.
  2. Absence of broad and phrase match searches – This is not less than a nightmare for SEO and Search and Display Ad Planners. As of now, Keyword Planner doesn’t show broad and phrase match searches for different keywords. Broad and phrase match keyword helps you distinguish and select different keywords for your online campaign.
  3. Reduced features – Some of the features like ‘show ideas only related to my search terms’ are not there in the Keyword Planner
  4. Mandatory Google Adwords account – Unlike the old Keyword Tool, in order to access the new Planner Tool, an adwords account is a must-have for users. This wasn’t a compulsory in the Keyword Tool.

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Alternatives Of Keyword Planner?

If the above mentioned features have been imperative to your SEO and PPC campaign planning techniques, then you may want to give other keyword tools a try. Here are some tools that we recommend for your keyword selection.

Keyword Spy

  • An excellent tool for not just checking the number of searches for your chosen keywords, but it also maps your competitors’ keywords and their potential to generate traffic. Definitely a plus in optimizing campaigns!
  • ‘RoI indicator’ is a unique feature that differentiates it from other keyword tools. This feature allows you to check better converting keywords along with Ad Copy Combination with ease. Advance searching option (which was also available in Google Keyword Tool) makes the research even simpler by offering you multiple options to choose from to narrow down your research.

 Moz Tool

Along with the recent changes in their branding from SEOMoz to Moz, they have added a range of wonderful features for campaign optimization. Though, the keyword searches and ideas deviate a little bit from Keyword Spy and Planner, this tool gives you a brief insight of keyword quality. Elegant reports which are comparatively easier to study, is what I personally liked about this tool. But let’s not forget, great services come with great prices. Moz tool is comparatively costlier than its counterparts and not really suitable for SMEs. Asking for the free 30 days trial of this tool to test how it affects your ROI, would be a good idea.

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30 thoughts on “Cons of Using Keyword Planner for Keyword Research”

  1. Hello,That’s really amazing post, these tools are nice alternative for keyword research, it will definitely help me to analyze the appropriate keywords in marketing campaign.

  2. Nice analysis here, since google changed from keyword tool to planner I started using traffic travis since it shows everythingg that keyword planner doesn’t. I also use Moz tool just to check my competitors backlinks.

    Great post anyways, keep it coming

  3. Nice breakdown and list of alternatives.

    If you can navigate thru the maze of Google and SEO skillfully you can drive targeted traffic to your blog.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Aakash
    Literally speaking I don’t like the current Google keyword planner. Whenever I used to find global search volume of any keyword then the tool doesn’t satisfy me need and makes me feel that the tool is giving the wrong information. Previous Google keyword tool was awesome. BTW Thanks for sharing this post. Happy blogging 🙂

  5. great analysis..
    But i think we can neglect these points…
    Also on the other side, you provide alternative for this….that is the best part of your article

  6. This is really an indept review on google keyword planner, and i always like using it even though i have other keyword research tools.

  7. Hi Aakash, Great posting to explain about keyword research tools. But i am always familiar with Google addwords keyword tool and also i would try these new tools too.

  8. Hi
    Google changed the keyword toll to keyword planner .
    It’s a awesome toll to provide the better keyword related your requirement..

  9. Keep in mind that Google offers its service for free and often you get what you pay for (or not pay for). I think as a very basic keyword search tool Google does the job well, but there are always other options which are better.

  10. By Google standard, the keyword planner interface just sucks. Many times I have tried using it, but the interface just got me confusing. I wish they could just revert back to keyword tools which is better to understand even for a day old SEO students. I now used traffic Travis, though the free version of it but planning to upgrad soon to pro. Thanks for sharing Aakash.

  11. Hi Aakash,

    Maybe Google feels that webmaster are so busy concentrating on SEO that they’re ignoring the biggest asset- readers! Just my take, though 😀

    Anyway, you’ve made a good dig at the topic, bringing forward the flaws in KW planner tool. Thankfully, the alternatives you provided will also come handy!

    Good write up, Aakash. And Deepak, thanks for making sure you get such posts published on your blog!


  12. I have stopped using keywords planner and started to prefare ubersuggest, moz tool, semrush because its totally different from previous keyword tool not feeling good with the present one.

  13. Hi Aakash, This is a nice topic.. even i also agree with you that now keyword planner is complicated than Keyword Tool. But moz is paid so we have to use keyword planner..!!

  14. Hello Aakash, Actually a nice post, which contains quality information. thanks for sharing this.!! Definitely i will follow you for such kind of blog posts.

  15. I agree with Chetan the previous Google keyword tool was awesome. I do not find the new keyword planner is not as user friendly.

  16. You are absolutely right! Keyword planner is kind of confusing and also it is too slow. Moreover, the exact and broad match shows the same data. Keyword tools was much better.

    But if you want to start a ad campaign then this tool is quite handy, it has a feature that streamlines and enables the ability to ultra-target specific buyers and buyer terms, that isn’t found in the old Keyword tool and those who learn to use this new feature will definitely profit from the new Keyword Planner.

  17. Keyword Planner is still OK for keyword research. But people looking for serious SEO can go for Semrush too.

  18. Aakash,
    One more you tool might want to add to this list is the Bing Keyword Research Tool. It’s available inside your Bing Webmaster account and gives lots of fresh keywords and even the search volume data. You can divide that number by .2 to get an estimate for how much traffic Google would have for the same keyword.

  19. If the above mentioned features have been imperative to your SEO and PPC campaign planning techniques, then you may want to give other keyword tools a try. Here are some tools that we recommend for your keyword selection.

  20. Advance searching option (which was also available in Google Keyword Tool) makes the research even simpler by offering you multiple options to choose from to narrow down your research.


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