Best Google Adsense Alternatives In 2019 For Making Money Online

Top 12  Best Google Adsense Alternatives for making money online.

Google Adsense Alternatives 2019

I completely agree that Google Adsense is the best and highest paying contextual advertising network in the market and the majority of webmasters are monetizing their website via running Google AdSense ads. But, you also know that getting approved in Google Adsense isn’t that easy especially if you are a newcomer in the blogosphere.

A lot of people even say that getting a loan of $10,000 is easy, but getting Adsense account is difficult. Even if Google approve you, then you know that they’re very strict guidelines and if you break any rule by mistake, chances are they will either disable ad serving on your website or will simply ban your Adsense account. Remember, once you get banned, just forget Adsense. They’ll never unban you. In addition, there are many people who aren’t satisfied with their Adsense earnings.

But this does not mean you can’t monetize your website without Google AdSense. You need to understand that AdSense is not the end of the world, there are many AdSense alternatives through which you can make good money online and maybe even more than with so-called Google AdSense.

For me, Affiliate Marketing works best, so that is the main reason why I have put affiliate marketing at the number one position in “AdSense Alternatives list”.

In affiliate marketing, you just need to promote vendor(say XYZ) product or service and when someone (say Mr. A) makes a purchase using your affiliate id, then your vendor will pay you a commission. Commission amount depends on what type of product you are promoting. For instance, commission for Premium WordPress Plugins will be less than Web hosting and WordPress Themes.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

As long as you are following the right tactics, no one can stop you from becoming successful in affiliate marketing. You can even make money while you sleep. Some of the tactics which you must follow for becoming successful in affiliate marketing are listed below:

  • Choose the Right Affiliate
  • Promote Relevant Products
  • Build Email List
  • Use Banners and write Honest Reviews about Products
  • Keep Calm and Be Patient

Direct Advertising is yet another popular Google AdSense alternative. Basically, in this advertising method, companies directly contact you or you contact them for their product reviews, sponsorship or advertising. As there is a direct contact between you and advertiser, so you don’t have to give any commission to third-party such as Google AdSense, and BuySellAds.

Furthermore, you can set your own terms and conditions and also have full control over your ads. Typically it is seen that blogs which get direct advertisers constantly are seen as an authority in the niche and also build long-term relationships with advertisers.

Now, before you approach advertisers directly make sure that you have good traffic, contact us and dedicated advertising page on your blog.

Your advertisement page should have the following information:

  • Why should they advertise on your blog?
  • Available Ad slots with price details and mode of payment
  • Google analytics page views and unique visitor’s p/m.
  • Google PageRank,AlexaRank and Domain Authority
  • Information about your audience and niche.
  • Social media profiles

BuySellAds Review 2019

BuySellAds Aka “BSA” is an advertising marketplace where you can make a huge amount of money by selling advertising space on your website to advertisers directly. They offer various kind of advertisement units such as text, image, image+ text, RSS feed, and sponsored tweets. Basically, they charge 25% commission on every advertisement i.e. if you will sell advertisement for $500 then your account will be credited by $400 and rest $100 will go to BuySellAds. BuySellAds pays on a Net-15 basis and has a $50 minimum payout threshold. You can select PayPal, check or Wire transfer as payment method.


Honestly speaking you can make more money on BSA than Google Adsense. Now you must be thinking if we can make more money on BuySellAds then Google, then why it is not the best or widely used online advertising network? The catch is that Getting approved in BSA is very difficult as you need to have a quality website with great content, web design, good Alexa rank(less than 20k), PageRank and last, but not the least you need high traffic (50k Unique visits per month).

Yahoo and Bing have collaborated to form this Contextual Ad network, which is known as It works exactly the same way as Google Adsense i.e it shows advertisements related to blog content. The best thing about is that they provide dedicated account managers and you can customize the size, color, and type (banner or text) of advertisement to be shown on your blog. pays on a Net-30 basis and has a $100 minimum payout threshold. After reaching the minimum threshold, you can select PayPal or Wire transfer as a payment method. Best Alternative To Google Adsense
Getting approved in is tough as right now they are invite-only i.e you need to send them invitation request and in addition, you also need a good amount of traffic from the USA, UK, and Canada. Click here to request an invite for publisher account.

Infolinks is probably the leading InText Advertisement network in the market. They provide various types of advertisement unit such as Intext, Intag, In-screen, Infold, Inframe and your conversion rate will be high as their advertisements are based on keywords and key phrases related to your website. In addition, you have full control over your ads and can boost your revenue by using Infolinks with any other ad network.

Infolinks Review 2019

Getting approved in Infolinks is not a big deal. You just have to follow basic guidelines i.e., your website should be user-friendly & you should not be submitting or promoting adult content, gambling or any kind of illegal stuff on your website. Infolinks pays on Net45 basis by Paypal, Western Union, Wire transfer and Bank. Their Minimum payment threshold for Paypal and Bank transfer is $50 and 100$ for Western Union and wire transfer.

Check the full review on Infolinks: Infolinks Review-Best In-Text Advertising Network

Chitika is another very useful and widely used Google Adsense Alternative. Their advertisements look similar to Google Adsense and are based on user search engine queries. Like infolinks you have full control over your ads and can use Chitika with any other ad network like Google Adsense.

Chitika Alternative To Adsense

Getting approved in Chitika is also very easy. Just create an account and put their code on your website. Chitika pays on a Net-30 basis and has a $10 minimum payout threshold for Paypal and $50 for check. A typical Chitika advertisement looks like the following in the image.

Adversal is another advertising network, which is considered a top Google AdSense Alternative. They provide banner and Pop up advertisements and have very high CPM rates for USA and Canada.  They generally approve an application within 3-4 business days, but before submitting your application make sure that you are getting at least 50k page-views per month.

Adversal pays on Net35 basis via PayPal, Check, Wire, and ACH. Their minimum payment threshold for PayPal and Check is$20 and for Wire is $250. To earn extra income you can also join their referral program.

Adversal Good Alternative To Google Adsense

Qadabra is one of the best alternatives to Adsense out in the market. Their set-up is really simple. Just copy and paste the ad tag you get on your site and Qadabra begins optimizing your website to display the best ads and maximize your rates. In addition to their optimized ads, the minimum payout is $1, which is the best the market offers. Qadabra offers a variety of rich media ads which is something Adsense doesn’t. With rich media ads like Stay Ons, Sliders, lightboxes & Pop-ups, you can definitely make more money because these types of ads are proven for higher performance.

What’s cool with Qadabra is their sign up is really fast and your ads appear immediately so you don’t have to wait while your account gets approved like Adsense.  Try it out and Sign Up Now

Qadabra Best Google Adsense Alternative In 2019

Viglink is an advertising network which converts normal outgoing links into affiliate links. When someone makes purchases using your affiliate link, then you will receive commission just like a normal affiliate. The best thing is that Viglink is SEO friendly, reviews websites very quickly and there’s no minimum payout, but you need to wait at least 60 days to receive payment. They pay only via Paypal.

Viglink review 2019

Tribal Fusion is certainly one advertising network which will never miss you Google Adsense. They’re the highest paying CPM Ad network in the market, but getting approved in TribalFusion is extremely tough. You need to have a minimum of 5,00,000 unique visits per month, professional blog layout, top-level domain, and your content should be updated regularly. In other words, we can say TribalFusion is made for big websites. Tribal Fusion pays  55% of revenue to their publishers on Net45 basis. They pay only via Check.


Kontera is another good alternative to Google Adsense. Like Infolinks, they’re also an In-text advertising network and show advertisements based on important keywords related to your blog post. Kontera is open for both small and big websites/blogs and their CPM rate is quite decent too. Their Minimum payment threshold is $50 and they send payments every 30 days via Paypal, Check, and Wire.


RevenueHits is another good  Google Adsense alternative. It was founded in  2008 and is owned and operated by MyAdWise Ltd(Israeli Company). RevenueHits is the best network for publishers who want to generate more revenues with state of the art Contextual & Geo-targeted Ad Serving technology.

Revenue Hits Best Google Adsense Alternative

The best thing about RevenueHits is that they provide self-service for publishers and advertisers, where any webmaster can come and get tags and start making money. Similarly, advertisers can come and buy very high-quality traffic. They pay on Net30 basis via Wire, Paypal, and Payoneer. Their minimum payment threshold is just $20.

Bottom line – If you want to take your website or blog’s income generation to the next level, you should definitely give RevenueHits a try.

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  1. One of my Blogger friend is very upset because recently Google Banned his Adsense Account for Invalid Clicks. He will be very glad when I will be sharing this list with him. Great Share! Loved Reading your blog post. Although, all the above mentioned Google Adsense Alternatives are amazing but I personally Loved the Infolinks Network… 🙂

  2. Google adsense is a very good way to make money online from your website. But one should know that their terms are very much strick and there are many examples of adsense ban. So, it is always good to be ready with the alternative. Many thanks for this share.

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  4. Google adsense is a very good way to make money online from your website. But one should know that their terms are very much strick and there are many examples of adsense ban. So, it is always good to be ready with the alternative. Many thanks for this share

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  9. I’m really liking what I’m reading about it.I know Google Adsense is the best and highest paying contextual advertising network in the market and AdSense alternatives can make good money online ,Its very useful .This paragragh gives clear idea for the new viewers

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