KeyCDN Review-Why It’s Worth A Try

From the perspective of a business owner, or even a blogger the Internet comes with the added prospects of reaching out to more people globally. Small businesses can get more attention from prospective customers, and bloggers or site owners can improve the size of their audience, thanks to the Internet.

However, to host a website, one needs a server. More often than not, there’s only one server at the site owner’s disposal. Now, that isn’t very good if you aim at expanding your outreach. Larger outreach implies more people accessing content from your website, which in turn increases the load on the particular server. This ultimately results in the site slowing down drastically, or in extreme cases, even crashing!

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Having your site slowdown is not at all a good sign. Visitors get irritated by slow sites, and will ultimately settle for some other site, leading to the reduction of page views on your site. In addition, Page speed is a key factor when it comes to search engine rankings.


Fortunately, there’s a solution. And yes, if you’re a blogger, you guessed it right! I’m talking about CDNs aka Content Delivery Network (sometimes referred to as Content Distribution Network).


In two words – load distributorBasically, a CDN is a large network or system of servers that are present in many countries. It mainly distributes the static content of any website – images and videos in particular – and puts them in servers close by to your location.

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Why is a CDN important for your website?

Any site owner, or a blogger, needs his/her content to reach out to more people. More the people, more popular the website, and this would in turn attract more advertisers / sponsors to keep the website going!

The only hurdle that the blogger has to overcome to increase the audience for the site is the restriction imposed by the server. Standard servers are localised, and they are prone to crashing if the load increases.

Take for example some Indian railway websites. During the holiday season, the number of visitors to the site increases, owing to which the servers sometimes crash. This leads to irritated consumers venting out their anger on social media (in the form of tweets, or even memes!), and as a result of which the ‘Indian railway website’ in question gets a bad reputation.

This is not at all suitable for any blogger – specially a person who’s just starting off. Ergo, Content Delivery Networks come to the rescue in such times.

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There are lots of CDN providers on the Internet. Some, like BootstrapCDN and CloudFlare are free, but have limitations. Some are TELCO provided, like AT&T Inc. and Bharti Airtel in India. The better CDNs that are more effective are MAxCDN, Windows Azure, Amazon CloudFront and HP Cloud Services.

We at Affiliate Nova  compared many CDN providers, and found KeyCDN to be one of the simplest and most effective Content Delivery Networks. 

KeyCDN Review 2014,keycdn,keycdn review 2014

How KeyCDN is different from other CDN Network? 

Well, KeyCDN provides all the features that you’d expect from any other CDN provider, but it also comes with quite a few benefits for the site owner. In fact, it’s got amazing value for money propositions and offers quite a lot more than its competitors!

Create Multiple Zones Easily:

Key features of CDNs are the designation of zones according to the site owner’s convenience, and KeyCDN makes this job a cakewalk. Using KeyCDN, a site owner can create multiple zones easily, with custom expire headers and hotlink protection. Moreover, the general zone features include facilities of Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), custom rules and the ability for the site owner to use his/her own CNAMEs.

Push and Pull Functionality:

Now another feature of CDNs in general are the Push and Pull techniques, and in this regard, KeyCDN offers top notch features.

The Push Zone features include the ability to upload content to your own FTP account. This can in turn be accessed by FTP Sub users. Content can be synced easily with the rsync feature, and there’s directory listing and indexing features to systematically categorize your stuff. Oh and the icing on the cake: there’s no limit on the file size!

The Pull Zone features come with their fair share of benefits as well. The site owner has the option to purge an entire zone or specific files. Moreover, the owner has the ability to override origin cache-control headers and origin expires header, besides the ability to enable canonical headers. The latter is extremely helpful in prevention of duplicate content issues – a pretty handy tool if you’re looking for good SEO features.


KeyCDN offers compatibility with Solid State Drives, which is indeed very useful. So what this essentially means, is that the speed of accessing the websites will not be affected by the traffic to the site. KeyCDN dynamically allocates servers, so that your content can be accessed faster and more conveniently by your audience.Their data centers are in various cities in Europe,Asia and America.

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 Security Features:

KeyCDN comes with a host of Security Features, which will make sure the data is safe and can be accessed securely by the end users!

First off, there’s the support for shared SSLs (Secure Sockets Layer) for all zones. Enabling this is a pretty simple task, and can be done directly from the KeyCDN dashboard with just a few clicks. 

Besides Shared SSLs, KeyCDN also features support for Custom SSL certificates. This is particularly useful for merchants who would like to sell their wares online, and it is very crucial if you’d like to set up an online store. It’s a secure platform of sorts wherein the customers can pay for their purchased goods securely.

Setting up custom SSL certificates might seem like a daunting task for many. Don’t worry, KeyCDN has you covered In case you have an existing certificate, you can send it to them directly, else they can create a custom SSL for you. Extremely nifty for aspiring ecommerce vendors!


Finally, and what might be the most important feature, KeyCDN offers the provision for Secure Tokens. It’s basically a ‘ticket’ to access secure content. This feature can be applied to either visitors possessing the valid link, or for a desired time limit (which can extend from seconds to days). 

All in all, KeyCDN offers lots of options as far as security standards are concerned, and they are truly beneficial in a sophisticated access management system for your website.


Search Engine Optimisation:

Probably one of the most important factors to consider if you want your site to stand out. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, essentially means the probability that your site will turn up as the first link on a search engine when the matching term is searched for.

Take for example, search ‘Running shoes’ on Google, and the first links will invariably belong to Nike or Adidas, besides some shopping websites based on your location. So KeyCDN comes with great SEO features, which will make your site show up more prominently on a Web Search. Neat!

 Awesome Support:

KeyCDN  comes with a 24×7 support team which is available globally to solve any queries or resolve any doubts the site owner might have. You can get in touch with them via telephone, email and Skype.


This one’s actually pretty cool. The conventional definition of CDN suggests that only static content might be stored on the CDN servers, which refers to the content of websites and such. However, KeyCDN comes with a range of options for other media which you can host. Not just websites, individuals can have options of hosting and delivering diversified content: such as podcasts, videos, game packages and more.

Moreover, KeyCDN comes with an ad enabled video player, which will help site owners to make money from their videos. Besides this, site owners can increase the outreach of their videos by combining a Push Zone with the inbuilt HTML5 video player offered by KeyCDN.

KeyCDN Video Hosting

For people who are into live telecasts, KeyCDN has benefits which you’ll love! KeyCDN offers Video-On-Demand and Live Streaming features. From what we observed, KeyCDN is actually quite flexible in this regard. One can configure Live Streaming Tools such as WireCast, for example, with the KeyCDN infrastructure to quickly and easily stream a live event. Now THAT’S convenient!

User Friendly Dashboard:

The KeyCDN dashboard comes with lots of nifty features up its sleeve. With real time updating, near real time account usage and an intuitive user interface, the KeyCDN Dashboard makes sure that the site owner gets the complete information about the activities in a very minimalistic, yet complete manner.

The Dashboard also features provisions to view invoices, manage FTP accounts, API and manage zones – all from one page. Makes the whole deal of managing various zones extremely simple!

KeyCDN dashboard

Attractive Pricing:

Finally, the biggest factor of them all. KeyCDN comes with extremely reasonable pricing schemes – which is an added bonus if you’re an entrepreneur without much cash at your disposal. You can have schemes starting from as low as $0.04 (which is about Rs. 2.45/-!) and have schemes depending on how much data you’d like KeyCDN to handle. You can even start off with a free trial to get the hang of things!  You don’t need a credit card to start, simply register and they will send you credits worth 25GB of traffic.

Payment Modes: They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

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Conclusion:  KeyCDN is, without a doubt, excellent. With a plethora of features to offer at attractive pricing, it is a very good choice to consider if you are just getting started with creating a website or an eCommerce portal of your own. We recommend it whole heartedly. To know more about KeyCDN, do visit their website. They’ve got really attractive schemes to offer, and have lots of benefits as well!

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    Your KeyCDN review is excellent and clear with tutorials. I’ve heard about MaxCDN service but this content delivery network is new to me. I’m not using any CDN service but wishing to utilize the promising features of KeyCDN which you’ve listed in the post.
    Cost of KeyCDN seems impressive and you’ve nicely compared its price with its rivals. Thanks for your comprehensive review about this reliable service, keep reviewing. 🙂

  • Andrew Chen says:

    What do you think about CloudFlare? Do you have any experiences with it for WordPress? I am currently using it for my blog with small amount of traffic and it work pretty well. I don’t know if it works well for bigger WordPress blogs.

  • Hi Deepak,

    At present I am using CloudFlare CDN services for my blog, yes I agree this service has limited functionalities for free users, I think KeyCDN service is looking affordable for Asian countries, thank you very much for letting know about this service.

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    This is pretty useful. I have heard about KeyCDN and was thinking of using it on one of my websites. Have you personally tried it? What were the performance gains?

    Also, have you compared KeyCDN with any other CDN wrt to pricing, performance? Hope you will cover it in your next article.

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