7 Simple And Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online Fast

Earning money online has always been a kind of myth to me, honestly, I never thought that earning money online is legitimate or even real, till I got the right information I need to put me on the right path, just like this information will pave way for you to start your journey of earning money online from the comfort of your home or office.

When I first started my online journey, I have jumped on so many wagons, I have crosses so many oceans, and I guess you know what I mean, right?

Because I have tried so many methods for earning money online, register on so many websites, buy so many e-books and even tried getting tutored to becoming an online marketer, which did not happen though. After going through the wrong way, my very thought was that making money online is purely not legitimate and that one can never earn cash online!

However, after making money online for the past years, I would love to share my methods with you and cross my heart, these methods are all working. And this information is ageless. Every single method I shared here is working starting from the beautiful year 2014.

Just note that I will not be asking for your email or even ask you to buy my e-book before making money online, these methods is free to start using and I tell you, this is the perfect opportunity to start making money!

With my guidelines, you can make money straight from the internet to your bank account without getting scammed.

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7 Real Ways To Make Money Online

  • 1. Sport Trading: Do you love watching sporting games? Are you among those guys that are always arguing and almost throwing punches about their club/team? Why not turn your passion to money making ideas?

Are you aware that you can make money betting which sporting team will win any game before it starts?

What’s even more wonderful here is that you can make double of your money if the club/team you choose to win the match wins it.

Sports that you can bet on includes the following but not limited to:

  1. Football.
  2. Ruby
  3. Basketball
  4. Horse race
  5. Tennis

This is one of the best and legitimate way to earn fast money just predicting scores of football, tennis or basketball event in the top leagues in the world. You get paid directly into your account or Paypal if you want to send your earnings from the various result accurately predicted.

  • 2. Surveys Before advising anyone to join any survey websites, I always ask them to make sure that there are payment proofs of the last month published online, because 70% of Survey websites are scam.

However, there are some legitimate paid surveys websites that pay you to work by filling their surveys online. If you are not located in the US or Canada, there some survey site that can still pay you based on region. But most atimes, citizens of United States and Canada are paid much more than other countries.

  • 3.  Writing: Do you have passion for writing? Are you very good in writing or editing? Then you are half way to making your first dollar online!

There are websites that pays writers to write for them, although most times, you will be paid to write articles that reviews products that you have used before.
But that is why I said that if you are very good in editing, you can make money online by editing already written articles and use your own words.

You can just read more about products and after grasping it, you can then review the product in your own words and yes, Congrats because you’re on your way to start earning money.
Please note that you will NEVER get paid to copy articles online and publish them on these websites, they will simply get your account banned and you can’t make money copying other websites articles.
So you need to be creative.

  • 4.  Creativity – Fiverr: Do you have a flashing idea that they would be a market place where you can sell virtually anything online? Fiverr is a site where you could make money based on the services you can provide.

With Fiverr, you can get people to pay you for something you love doing. What makes me love this group is that you can just get a video camera and just review any product for $5 without even owning or using the product.

To start making money online with Fiverr, you need to list out your gigs on the site that is what service you could render and get paid based on the amount of gigs delivered successfully. Many people are making money on fiverr really quick and fast, you only try as much as possible to make gigs on what could help solve a problem and get paid.

  • 5. Affiliate Marketing: What is Affiliate Marketing?

This involves selling other people’s product and getting commissions from the sales you made. Making money online through Affiliates is really simple. Just provide people with solution to their problems and get them to buy the products from you.

Don’t force them to buy from you, you can be simple and try helping them out first before kindly asking them to buy the products through your affiliate link. You can make money by picking another person’s product link and pasting it directly on your blog where you make money based on traffic and sales obtained from your site. This is one of the best and highly rated kind of Online Business that works.

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  •  6. Sell Anything Online:  Do you know that you can sell anything online? Products which you are no longer using again, instead of throwing them away, why not sell them and get paid?  This is a quick way to make money online fast! Because you can sell anything online and get paid. You can sell your products through ebay.com
  • 7. Become a Tutor Online:  Do you love teaching? Do you love teaching but too shy to teach in front of people?Well, good news! Because you make two things possible, you can now accomplish your dream by teaching people and the only eyes staring at you is the computer screen, and what’s better? You will get paid to teach people. You could actually get paid fast online by becoming a tutor online. You could teach various subjects, musical instrument, programming, crafts etc and also make research for people online and get paid.

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  • Really Nice Information it helped me

  • Anyone use slice the pie? for reviewing music?

    I also use Bing to do searches- not a lot of cash but $10 or so a month..

    To me that’s the key is to just keep planting a lot of seeds. $20 here, $30 there- it all adds up if your vigilant about it..


  • Zohaib Jahan says:

    nice post, i think blogging is the best way for beginners

  • syed wajeed says:

    Hi bro nice article you have mentioned clearly how to make money online with this steps thanks a lot bro.

  • no doubt all the above points are really worthy to make money online as a blogger and online earner but choosing the best site is important as well as our knowledge includes to earn money.. iam using the 2 methods is pointing in this article one is affiliate and selling stuff in ebay india.. we can decent amount of income just from home in our leaser time.. thanks for the post mate.. expecting more posts from you.

  • Hey…i had no idea about sport trading…i think it is not permitted in some countries….i do use affiliate marketing & it works really well for me 🙂

  • Ha! I was waiting for affiliate marketing to pop up, and on spot 5 it did! I’m trying myself at it for the first time ever.

    This is also my passion project to make sure I read and write every single day in 2016.

    I wake up at 5 am, read a book summary on Blinkist, and share 3 learnings in a neat format with a 1-sentence summary and my favorite quote of the author.

    Readers can learn 3 things from a book in 4 minutes or less and this way also pre-select which book to read next.

    Posting everything publicly makes sure I’m holding myself accountable and don’t fall off the wagon with this habit again.

    What is everyone else doing to make money?

  • Neha Sharma says:

    Blogging and Youtube are the best waqy to earn money online…. I am a freelancer content writer ND you tuber and i usually make money from My sites and Videos. but thankx for the info i will try these methods too

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    Awesome methods… Making money Online is getting famous day by day. Now people understandd the value of internet.

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    Its a good collection of income generation resources. I would like to add that we can almost convert any hobby into money making resource. We just need to see how we can use it..For example, photography (Sell photos online).

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