Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools For 2015

Hello everyone, in this post I am going to share some of the best free online backlink checker tools with the help of which you can easily monitor all the backlinks of your site and your competitors websites too. But wait a second, before sharing backlinks checker tools let me tell you in brief ” about link building and why you need these so called backlink checker tools“?

Online Backlink Checker Tools
Best Online Backlink Checker Tools

Why you need backlink checker tools?

Link building (Backlinks) is and always will be the most important off page SEO factor for ranking high in search engines,but in the last two years SEO has changed a lot. I still remember when I was new in blogospher(3-4 years ago), it was very easy to rank blog posts in search engines by just increasing backlinks. It does not matter whether your backlinks were nofollow or dofollow ,whether they were from authority website or from spammy website , but now the game has changed completely.

Now Google and other search engines are giving importance to Quality and not to quantity. In addition Google has introduced Penguin Update for differentiating high quality and low quality backlinks. Just to let you know that high quality backlinks are links pointing to your website from authority website having high PR, Domain Authority, Alexa Rank and most importantly quality content. On the other hand low quality backlinks are links from spammy websites such as gambling and adult websites with low quality content.

So now, If you want to rank high in search engines then you need to create relevant and high quality backlinks as links from spammy websites will decrease your website ranking in search engines. Do check this article for getting high pagerank backlinks.

This is what  Google Webspam Team Head “Matt Cutts” Has to say about Backlinks.

 Here are 6 of the best online backlink checker tools:


BacklinkWatch is one of the most popular online backlink checker tool used by bloggers and webmasters for checking website backlinks. The best part about Backlink Watch tool is that it is absolutely free and you can also see anchor text, page rank,total number of outbound links and whether the backlink is nofollow or dofollow. The only thing that I don’t like about BacklinkWatch is its pop-ups and the clutter of banner and text ads.

Backlink Watch Tool
Backlink Watch Tool

2. Ahrefs Backlink Tool

AHrefs is another powerful tool for checking website backlinks. It is SEO Guru’s favorite backlink tool and is also very user friendly. They update backlinks data after every 15 minutes and you can also see internal and external links,linking domains,anchors and best pages of a domain.It is also capable of checking ranking and competition on keywords that you use on your site.

Ahrefs Backlink Tool

The only drawback with is that their plans are very expensive especially for those who are new to blogging and internet marketing. Their basic plan start from $79 p/m and Premium plan costs $1299 p/m.They also provides free version, but in free version you can see first 10 backlinks of a website only.

 3. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is created by SEOmoz and is available in both free and paid version. You can compare the backlinks of one or more domains and can see important insights, such as Anchor Text,page authority,domain authority,social metrics(avaible only to paid users) and most linked pages of any domain on Open Site Explorer.

Open Site Explorer

4. Majestic SEO Tool

Majestic provides both free and paid plan. In free account it will not give you detail report , but you can see basic features like anchor text clouds, backlink attribute chart etc.Their paid plan starts from $50 p/m and you can check the history of each backlink, the new and lost links, anchor text distribution,no follow and dofollow links,the most linked pages, and a map with the referring hosting IP’s.

Majestic Backlink Tool

5.Link Diagnosis

Link Dignosis is another free backlink tool that you can use to generate backlink report either detailed or optimized. It uses Open site explorer database to display backlink results. It,s up to you whether you want to check backlink for a single page or whole site. If you want the best out of Link Diagnosis then you should use it on Firefox with its extension installed.

Link Diagnosis Backlink Tool

6. Small SEO Tools Backlink Checker Tool:

The best thing about Small SEO Tools backlink Checker tool,is that it is 100 % Free, user friendly and is quite effective. Simply Enter your domain name and click on Check button. It will provide you full report of your website backlinks and will also show important metrics such as anchor text,whether the link are dofollow or nofollow, pagerank etc.

Backlink Checker Tool

Backlinks can have both positive as well as negative effect on your website rankings, so always track your website backllinks with the help of these online backlink checker tools . If Anyone of you find any other good  backlink tool then let me know though comments, I will add it in this article. Do share this article with your friends on social media. Happy Blogging.

  • Matthew Pidley says:

    Hello Deepak.
    Thank you for the overview of helpful sources for checking backlinks online.
    There is one more free backlink tool to add –
    I found out that the WebMeUp tool has a really huge backlink database and a number of checks is not limited at all.

    • Dariusz Romanowski says:

      Hi Matthew,
      i didnt know webmeup 🙂 But you can check Open Site Explorer from They are one of the best tools;)

  • Thank you for sharing your experience. Your posts are very profesional.

  • i’ve just tried them all, including Backlink watch and, i find ahrefs much better but it shows very few links for the free users.., apart from this “opensiteexplorer” also good. 🙂 thanks for proving this information,

  • Karandhir says:

    Wonderful website. Lots of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends. I would like to see extra posts like this…

  • Thanx to Provide Great Information

  • Very Nice Post I think Rank Signals is also a very nice Backlink Checker Tool

  • Hi Deepak,
    Most SEOs should never ignore the power of checking competition. With the right backlink checker it becomes easy to know what the competition is up to so we can strategize.
    I use a couple of the tools mentioned here – especially majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer. They are really effective for new and professional online marketers
    I shared this in as well.

  • I use Arefs and Open Site Explorer for checking backlinks.

    Thanks for sharing this article 🙂

  • It`s pretty hard to find a good free backlink services. Your list is a good start.
    Competition research is a though area. You need to merge a lot of informations but you get a rough view with the sources you provided.

    keep up the good work.

  • I use Arefs bro, tahnk for sharing 😀

  • Sujoy Dhar says:

    I love specially the small seo tools website as this website is being used by me since last 2 to 3 years and that is amazing always !

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