How To Protect WordPress From Hackers

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Since WordPress is a open source CMS and uses MySQL and PHP, so  it’s not tough for hackers  to find a vulnerability in WordPress. So Today i am going to share  10  basic tips with all of you by which you can Protect WordPress  from Hackers. 1. Always Update WordPress  If you want to keep your …

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Why WordPress Is Best For Blogging

If you are new to Blogging World then you may have heard about WordPress and might be wondering what WordPress is.So today I am going to share a article with all of you about  “What Is WordPress And Why It Is Best For Blogging”. What Is WordPress ? WordPress is a Open source CMS(Content Management …

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How to check who is stealing your blog content

Content Scraping/Plagiarism is becoming a major problem for Bloggers nowadays and It is very frustrating for a webmaster to see that someone is stealing your content without permission, monetizing it, outranking you in SERPs, and stealing your audience. In this article, I will cover how you can check who is stealing your blog content and …

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