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SEMRush is a leading browser based Search Engine Marketing tool , that I feel that every serious Internet marketer and blogger should have in their SEO tool arsenal.  With the help of SEMRush  you’ll be able to find high cpc(cost-per-click) and long-tail keywords and can also find what keywords your competitors are being ranked for. You could even conduct website audit, track your rankings over time, and will also be able to identify what improvements you could make to improve the visibility of your website in search engines and thus, outperform your competitors. You will get all type of data using SEMrush like  the percentage of traffic which comes from paid search vs. organic search, number of backlinks, competitors, advertising competition, top anchors, referring domains and so on.

The best thing about SEMRush is that you could give it a try for Thirty days for free. It is very user-friendly, light-weight and provides more information than any other competitor research tool available on the market. Right now more than 106,600,000 keywords from 45,000,000 websites are indexed in their database.

Now Let’s have a look at some of the important features Of SEMRUSH:

1.Competitor Keyword Research:

SEMRush uses Google & Bing Search results for keyword research. You just need to enter your competitor URL and in a couple of seconds, SEMRush will show you all of the keywords that your competitor ranks for, the amount of traffic they’re receiving and also the number of searches done for those keywords per month. In case your competitors are using Paid keywords, then it can also show the amount they’re spending on Google AdWords(CPC) ads. Last, but not the least, there’s a feature in SEMRush knows as “Historical Data’ by which you can generate more keywords which you can’t find through Google Keyword Planner tool. You’ll be able to export your keywords report in csv or excel file and can also include or exclude various keywords by using advanced keywords filtering option.

Competitor Keyword Research SemRush, keyword search tool
This screenshot shows you what keywords a website like WPBeginner ranks for.
  • Keyword: Keyword by which traffic is coming on the website.
  • Pos: Position of the website for particular keywords in search engines.
  • Volume: Amount of searches for the keywords in the last 12 months on Google and Bing.
  • CPC: How much amount (in USD$) advertisers are paying for Paid Keywords in Google Adwords.
  • URL: The URL displayed in search results for the given keyword.
  • Traffic: The amount of organic traffic a website is receiving from the given keyword.
  • Results: Number of URLs displayed in search results for a given keyword.
  • Com: How many advertisers are using this keyword for their paid campaigns (Google Adword). Lower the number, lower will be the competition and higher the number higher will be competition among advertisers. 
  • Trend: Shows the volume of searches for this keyword over the last 12 months.
  • Last Update: The time when the given keyword was last updated on SEMRush database.
  • SERP source: It will give you a snapshot (Google Cache version) of search results for the given keyword.

2. Steal Your Competitors Traffic Using SEMRush Backlink Checker Tool:

Your competitors might be outperforming you on search engines because they probably have large number of high quality links pointing to their website as compared to your website. SEMRush is an excellent tool for analyzing and stealing your competitors website backlinks. It will show you how many backlinks are pointing to your competitors website and from how many unique domains and IPs. It’ll also show you important metrices for instance what percentage of those backlinks are dofollow links and how many are nofollow links. On top of that, you can short backlinks on the basis of Anchor Text, External links, internal links, when it was first seen and last seen on SEMRush database and on backlink type i.e whether it’s a text/image/form or frame backlink.

website backlink checker, semrush backlink checker
This is a backlink analysis of

Follow the steps given below on SEMRush for improving your website backlinks:

  • Check the number of external backlinks pointing to a domain. If it is more than 100 then avoid creating backlink on it.
  • Check how authoritative a referring domain is and where it is located.
  • Try to create a balance between nofollow and dofollow links.
  • Try to create unique backlinks.
  • .edu and .gov backlinks are considered as high quality backlinks so make sure to create some backlinks on education and goverment web sources. A handful of these links can make a huge difference in search results and boost your website in SERPs.

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 3. Do your WebSite SEO Audit

You can actually perform complete SEO Audit of your website with the help of SEMrush website audit tool. Within few minutes it’ll detect all issues in your website related to crawlability, accessibility, content, semantics, links, and coding.  All website issues are divided into three groups depending on their severity i.e errors, warnings, and notices.

Broken links, missing ALT tags on images, duplicate content, Sitemap error and use of nofollow attribute on internal links are the common errors which you’ll see in your website seo audit report. It also checks for any DNS and server issues, missing meta description, URL structure, redirect issues, language declarations, page speed, and many others. You can actually schedule a weekly audit and export the data in excel or csv format and later on can modify and fix these errors and warnings for better SEO of your blog.

SEMrush Site Audit Tool,website audit tool
Improve your website On page SEO with the help of SEMRush site audit tool

Follow The Tips Given Below For Improving Your On Site SEO:

  • Avoid using duplicate content on your website.
  • Do not use more than one H1 tag on your blog posts.
  • Find broken links and redirect them to your homepage or custom 404 page.
  • Optimize your internal and external links.
  • Always add relevant ALT tag on your images. If you are using WordPress,then install SEO Friendly WordPress Plugin.
  • Use Unique Meta description and Post Title for users and search engines.
  • Improve your website page speed.

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Keyword Position Tracking:

With the help of SEMrush Positional Tracking Tool, you can  track daily position of your targeted keywords in the Google top 100 organic and paid results from any location.You can also keep an eye on your competitors’ keyword rankings. A side-by-side comparison of your rankings vs your competitors’ highlights keywords you should focus on more. The best thing about Position Tracking tool is  that, you don’t need to visit SEMRush dashboard for checking the status of your keywords, every week SEMRush team will be sending you detailed reports of your campaign by E-mail. It will take you only 2-3 minutes for creating a keyword tracking campaign, so follow the steps mentioned below.

keyword tracking,keyword tracking semrush

How To Track Keywords Ranking On SEMRush:

  • Go to Position Tracking page and click on “Add new project” button.
  • Now enter a domain name and your project name.
  • After the campaign is created,click on “Start Tracking Campaign”.
  • Now on the Tracking settings page, do the following steps mentioned below:
  • Choose Location if you want to track keywords in a particular country say USA,Canada,India etc. You can also track keywords in a particular region or city too.
  • Choose Device Type and Competitors.
  • On the “Add Keywords” tab, enter all the keywords which you want to track. You can manually write the keywords,or upload it from .csv file or from SEMrush database. Downright,the maximum keywords which you can track in a campaign is 500.
  • Check” NOTIFY ME” tab,if you want to receive weekly campaign reports.

Excellent Customer Support:

SEMrush also performs exceptionally well with customer support. Their blog is constantly updated with tutorials to help you get your website where it needs to be.  If you need assistance or have a support question you can give them a call. They’re available on telephone from 8 am to 4pm EST. They also provide email support and Skype(SEMRUSH.PHONE). Also, the company is quick to reply to emails and will even send you an e-mail asking if you would like one of its representatives to call and guide you through your dashboard.

Plans and Pricing:

SEMrush provides three monthly subscription plans: Pro for $69.95, Guru for $149.95 and Business for $549.95. If you’re a blogger then you need to buy Pro Plan and Guru and Business plans are suitable for SEO Firms and large business enterprises. Additionally, if you’re interested in using SEMrush for long-term, then contact them personally as they do provide discounts on annual packages.

You can even sign up for a free subscription with limited access to our features. Once you have registered on their website, you’ll get a free account that allows you to make 10 requests in SEMrush per day. With a free subscription, only 10 results per report will be displayed. You can upgrade your account at any time.

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