Tips For Becoming Successful In Blogging Niche

Blogging has emerged as an excellent means of sharing your thoughts/opinions on a particular subject of interest. Today, the internet is crowded with ample number of blogging websites that are focused on offering useful information about various topics. If you have a flair for writing and want to make your ideas reach a wider population, indulging in blogging is what you can choose to do.

Becoming one of the most popular bloggers in your niche is definitely a challenging job. Like many of your competitors, if you too dream of attaining the number one position in the world of blogging, then my dear friend you’ve landed on the right page. Through this post, I’ll be offering you some easy-to-follow tips for becoming successful in the blogging niche.

Becoming a successful blogger isn’t an overnight task

Realizing your dream of becoming a successful blogger isn’t possible overnight. You need to work hard and gauge your success via the number of visits for your blog and the count of followers you have on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Operating a blog comes with a particular goal and hence it’s important for you to realize your blogging goal prior to publishing blog posts and guest posts on your blogging site.

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How to become successful in blogging niche.

Now, the tips that’ll help you in becoming a successful blogger

Tip#1- Opt for a decent layout

Remember that the first impression is the last impression. In order to create a positive impression upon the minds of your visitors, it’s absolutely essential to opt for a layout that’s appealing and well in synchronization with your blogging goal. Since blog design is the very first thing your visitors will notice about your site, it’s essential to opt for a layout that’s easy to connect with. 

Tip#2- Write Killer Content

It’s the quality of content you publish on your blog that holds a lot of importance. If your content is really good, it acts as an effective tool for motivating the blog readers to visit your blog on a continuous basis. Make sure to add relevant images and videos to make your content easy-to-interpret and interesting. Never opt for adding long paragraphs in your posts, rather choose to include headings and sub-headings. Put special emphasis on writing the title of your blog posts/guest posts because people tend to get attracted towards a blog that has an interesting title. In addition to this, a good title also renders you a higher search engine ranking because the search engines love content that includes eye-catchy headlines.

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Tip#3- Make sure to reply to comments posted for your blog posts

If you receive comments on your blog posts, don’t forget to reply to those comments. Not replying to the blog comments will create a negative impact on your readers and they won’t visit your blog again and again. Responding to blog comments will play a major role in increasing the overall traffic for your site as the readers will feel that there is someone who is not only receiving their feedback but even sending his/her own responses. In addition to checking and responding to comments received for your own blog posts, you should make sure to check the comments that are posted on the guest blogs that have been published on the blogging site.

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Tip#4- Indulge in Link Building activities

Adopting the traditional link building methods will allow you to generate greater backlinks for your blog. If you’re operating a WordPress powered blog then indulging in link building activities will aid you in becoming a successful blogger in your unique niche. Some of the most popular link building activities that can be undertaken for your WordPress blog include:

  •   Submitting articles on Ezine publishing website
  •   Submitting your blog posts to high PR blog directories
  •   Commenting on blogs that fall in your niche

Tip#5- Make your blog visible on the social media websites

In order to portray your blogging efforts, it’s crucial to create a strong presence of your blog on all the popularly-used social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter,Google+, LinkedIn etc. Make sure to allow your blog readers to share blog posts with their friends on different social networks. Don’t forget to add links and icons for social media websites within the sidebar of your blog posts. Digg Digg is a popular WordPress plugin that can be used for styling the side bar within the WordPress blogging websites.

So, these were some handy tips that can help you in becoming  successful in blogging niche. Hope you’d definitely give them a try, the next time you indulge in blogging. If you want to share your ideas/opinions on the above post, please go ahead by penning down the same within the comments box below.

This is a guest post written by Mike Swan from He gives ideas on HTML to wordpress theme conversion and loves to share his thoughts on social media. If you would like to write for Affiliate Nova, check our guest blogging guidelines.

28 thoughts on “Tips For Becoming Successful In Blogging Niche”

  1. All the tips you have provide are the basic and no one can blogging guru in over night,. This article might be helpful who wanted to be pro blogger.

    • Exactly your words are 100 % true. I just stated above the blogging tips to become a successful blogger . If you follow the steps effectively then you will def become successful in days.

  2. Hello,
    Aiming to become a blogger and becoming a successful blogger are different so if we do follow the tips mentioned by you above then i am sure that one will surely become successful blogger.
    Thanks for sharing these great tips.

  3. a great article/post should not only involve good quality but the content of the article should be useful for the readers. 🙂 in my case, i realize that my readers are fed up with info about blogging and the usual making money online topics so i decided to place something new 🙂

    job ads of each country (e.g. freelance job ads from India, Philippines, U.S. etc) since my readers oftentimes ask me for available online jobs that are legitimate and as much as possible, local freelance jobs

  4. Thanks for sharing. But recently Google’s Cutts said that guest posting for link building is dead. I think guest posting is one of the best tactics for building audience and relationships with other fella bloggers. If done effectively, it is also helpful for link building too

    • Every activity done over considered as spam wheter it is article submission or guest posting so i suggest to do all activity in ethical way.

  5. The first and fore most thing is blog design and writing unique compelling content, attracting visitors in social media is one of the top most strategies.

  6. For me content remains the most important piece because no matter how well designed a site may be if the content quality is poor you are bound to fail because people will leave never to return.

  7. I agree with you on lot of points like content should be written concisely & the on page SEO should be be well putted i have seen lot of newbie blogger.they write content & start link building for it.

  8. Nice post Deepak 🙂

    I agree with all your points and am sure that these tips would let the bloggers to get succeed in their blogging path.

    Forming a community for a blog is also a good way to support that blog and it could be done by networking with a wide range of bloggers.

  9. Nice Post buddy. You have included most of the important points which are required to become a successful blogger. However, You have missed some points as well. For example- “Pro bloggers never hesitate in investing money on premium products. On the other hand new bloggers often look for free,cracked or null scripts which can be really dangerous.” .What do you say?

  10. Absolutely agree, it does take time and hard work and many seem to simply ignore it. I see so many people who think they can make money really fast.

  11. Hi Deepak Bro,

    I guess the prime necessity is to write killer, useful content. Something that readers will find useful! For that, one should know the niche inside out. What say?

    And you rightly said it, it isn’t an overnight task. It’ll take time to reach that level. Meanwhile, patience is the virtue that one should hold on to.


  12. I observed over time that posting comments on other’s blog is very much effective . Thanks for sharing man! a good post indeed.

  13. Wouldn’t it be nice if blogging was an overnight success, but the realities are somewhat different. I do find it amusing however that people often think that unless you can “make it” online withing a few months, it can’t be done. Yet the hose same people are happy to go to University for years to learn a job before earning an income.

    Blog commenting, link building, great content, networking are all ways in which you CAN become a successful blogger but without the time and commitment into it, you are not going to see success.

    Great advice here 🙂

  14. Wouldn’t it be nice if blogging was an overnight success, but the realities are somewhat different. I do find it amusing however that people often think that unless you can “make it” online withing a few months, it can’t be done. Yet those same people are happy to go to University for years to learn a job before earning an income.

    Blog commenting, link building, great content, networking are all ways in which you CAN become a successful blogger but without the time and commitment into it, you are not going to see success.

    Great advice here 🙂

  15. Awesome article. I believe on my part I am quite satisfied with the layout of my website, I am more worried about the competition in my niche. But I guess like you said successful blogging is not an overnight thing. So I guess i’ll have write more and just wait for google to pick up my blog up.

  16. Tips For Becoming Successful In Blogging Niche is really very awesome. I really love this post. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Great job!

  17. For becoming successful blogger you must keep update your blog regular and replying each and every comment because next time anyone visiting your blog. He/She will understand that you are interacting with them… 🙂

  18. I am new to wordpress. I especially liked your #5 tip with social media integration as it is the wave of the future. At least, its obvious to me. I bookmarked your blog and will read around as you seem to have things that I have interest in. Thank you for sharing.


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