Why WordPress Is Best For Blogging

If you are new to Blogging World then you may have heard about WordPress and might be wondering what WordPress is.So today I am going to share a article with all of you about  “What Is WordPress And Why It Is Best For Blogging”.

What Is WordPress ?

WordPress is a Open source CMS(Content Management Software) and is used  for building websites and blog. The best part about WordPress is that  it is completely Free to install, deploy, and upgrade.   It does not even require backlinks which many other CMS scripts do. It can be used on any personal, or commercial projects without any restrictions (cost, legal etc).

In the last 10 years WordPress has become largest blogging tool in the world. More than 80 Millions Websites in the world are Powered By WordPress.

Why WordPress Is Best For Blogging?

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1. WordPress Is Completely Free

I already told that WordPress is a Open Source Content Management Software (CMS). You dont need anything to pay for Installing WordPress.  You are free to Install and can Modify and Customize it acoording to your needs.

2. WordPress is Easy To Setup

You Dont Need to learn any Programming Language Like HTML,CSS or PHP  or need to call  in an Expert to design website for you. WordPress can be setup in as little as five minutes. Updating pages or  blog posts on WordPress is literally as easy as editing a Word document.

3. WordPress Support Is Awesome

If you ever get stuck, you’re never alone. WordPress is supported by a worldwide community of WordPress developers, users, and supporters. It is updated regularly, with new functionality, bug fixes, and security fixes.  WordPress community has solutions almost for any issue that you experience.

4. WordPress Is Best For SEO

No one can beat WordPress Blogs in Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) as it uses well-written code and Search Engine Powerhouse Google just loves this.  WordPress offers great value to the users to optimize their blog posts for the search engines. If you want to rock the search engines then you must Install WordPress on you blog.

5.WordPress Themes and plugins

  •  Themes: You can check out Thousands of Free and Paid Themes on WordPress.org, and can installed with little or no trouble on your blog.  With little knowledge of programming language like HTML,PHP,CSS  you can customize themes  according to your needs.
  • Plugins: You can Install any Plugin from Thousands of Plugins out there in WordPress Plugins Repository and there are many plugins for each and every task in Repository so that you could choose the best from those. These plugins can make your dreams come true. Installation for most plugins are just as easy as one click from the admin panel.

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  • That is a nice one….I even tired Blogger.com but I am more happy with WP now

  • DeePak Singh says:

    Hi Harsha, Thanks for your comment!! 🙂

  • Andrew Chen says:

    WordPress is great for simple blog. I have tried some other CMS like Drupal and Joomla and I really prefer WordPress’s simplicity and it provides everything I need for blogging out of the box instead of requiring lots of manual tweaking. However, I only recommend WordPress for blog only websites and I don’t recommend it for something that it is not designed for like ecommerce or complex CMS requirements. I have worked with some projects in my job built with WordPress for something that it is not intended for such as shopping cart and hotel list management and WordPress’s simplicity is giving it more issues than it actually solve instead. Just use the right tool for the right requirement.

  • Bright Joe says:

    Compared to Google Blogger, WordPress is more customizable and also very user-friendly. And the best thing is about Plugins which are the most useful thing I guess.

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